PlanWare - Courier Rates & Fax Form

As Exl-Plan and Cashflow Plan (and manuals) can be delivered electronically immediately after purchase, courier delivery is very much the exception rather than the rule.

Where urgent physical delivery is essential, we can arrange despatch of Exl-Plan and Cashflow Plan software (CD / manual) by courier rather than by Priority Airmail which is covered by the purchase price for the software.

The courier fee is an additional charge and must be paid for separately from purchase of the software. Charges to cover courier delivery of a single copy of software from Ireland are as follows:

Ireland (by local courier service) US$ 17     Continental Europe (by Fed Ex) US$ 65
Northern Ireland (by local courier service) US$ 21   USA & Canada (by Fed Ex) US$ 60
Great Britain (by Fed Ex) US$ 55   Rest of World (by Fed Ex) US$ 75

Charges are correct at time of writing (December 2004) but are subject to change in the event of significant changes in courier or currency exchange rates.
2. Charges will be shown on credit card vouchers in euro converted from US$ at the prevailing exchange rate.
3. In the event of a refund being sought, the refund will not apply to courier charges.
4. Customers are responsible for all import taxes and duties (where applicable).

Charges for courier delivery of multiple copies can be supplied on request or by consulting the Fed Ex site - be sure to select Ireland as your country in order to see rates from Ireland and assume 0.3 kg per copy. For example, 10 copies sent from Ireland to the US would cost approximately €75 (about US$100) based on Fed Ex International Priority and US$/euro exchange rates (for December 2004).

To arrange courier delivery, please complete the form below and fax it to +353-1-288 7805 (replace + by your international dial code prefix - use "011" for US/Canada and "00" for most other countries). To avoid delays, please write clearly with black/blue pen using BLOCK CAPITALS.

On receipt of this form, we'll arrange courier delivery provided that the software has not been already dispatched by Priority Airmail.

If your organization has a Fed Ex account, you may prefer to specify the account number below instead of a credit card number.

PlanWare - Courier Fax Form

Credit Card Number (Visa or Mastercard only):  
Expiry date:  
Name of cardholder:  
Billing Address of cardholder:

Signature of cardholder (ESSENTIAL):
Name of software purchaser:  
Approximate date of purchase:  
Delivery address for software
(must be open during normal business hours):

Name of Importing Organization:  

Organization's Tax ID for Customs purposes
(e.g. GST/RFC/VAT/IN/EIN, or as locally required):

Your fax number:  
Your daytime phone:  
Your email address:  

On receipt of this form, we'll confirm courier arrangements by email.


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