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bfsmaller.jpgThis blog serves as an outlet for Brian Flanagan's rants, raves and opinions on social, economic and political issues in Ireland. It arises from a frustration and concern about aspects of Irish life before, during and after the so-called Celtic Tiger years.

To get the blog started, I have backfilled it mainly with Letters to the Editor submitted to, and in many cases published in, the national press over many years. I may have some journalism in my genes as my late father was a journalist, mainly with the Independent Group, for all his working life. If you see any spelling mistakes, they were definitely not inherited as my mother was the world's best speller! 

By way of background, I live in Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland. I'm an engineer by education and a Certified Management Consultant by profession. I'm a widower with four children who think I'm mad for keeping this blog etc. I say that it is less time consuming than keeping a dog!

Finally, I also have a business-related blog which concentrates on business planning matters - writing business plans, making financial projections, cash flow forecasting, strategic planning etc. - for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and advisers.

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