2016 General Election: Stability or Chaos

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In the run up to the 2016 general election on 26th February, I issued ten tweets headed "#FG Chaos" in response to Fine Gael's election slogan stability or chaos. Here is the text of all ten tweets pointing to the governing party's ineffectiveness and mismanagement over the years 2011-6:

  1. emigration, inequality, homelessness, health cuts, new taxes, regressive budgets, asylum seekers,
  2. corruption, flood prevention, whitecollar crime, Dail reform, media concentration, disadvantaged,
  3. housing shortages, cronyism, promnote debt, deprivation, planning regs, bed closures, drugs,
  4. fiscal space, Dublin incinerator, mortgage arrears, eircode, banking inquiry, Garda reform,
  5. social housing, TTIP, mental health, jobbridge, Nama firesales, college fees, rent increases,
  6. water meters, conservation grants, eighth amendment, Redacted, Lowry, Moriarty, social housing,
  7. FOI restrictions, traveller accommodation, childcare support, emergency depts, rural crime,
  8. medical cards, rent inflation, health reform, traffic congestion, gangland crime, Irish Water,
  9. Topaz, Siteserv, IBRC, Anglo, AIB, FNBS, BOI, NAMA, SIPO power, Fennelly, penalty points, McNulty,
  10. suicides, corp tax, legal services, tax avoidance, living wage, repossessions, debt write-offs.

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