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Nama Business Plan - 1

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I wish to make the following points about Nama's new business plan:

  1. At best, it is a "concept plan" describing operational arrangements, short-term work plan and structures. It may be a plan but it is not a business one.

  2. Considering that it relates to a loan portfolio of €81 billion, it includes no pro-forma projections and its financial forecasts are confined to a simple 4x4 table containing only nine values summarising Nama's activities for three scenarios over the next ten years! 

  3. The plan indicates that Nama will use the amortised cost method of accounting. This ensures that the true extent of the bale out and foregone interest, exceeding €40 billion, will not appear in its accounts.

  4. Nama says that it will take a neutral view on future property prices, will not engage in speculating hoarding and will wind up in just seven-ten years. This points to a short-term, uncommercial approach and to fire sales, negating a key reason for setting up Nama.

  5. Nama's intention to pursue debtors to the "greatest possible extent" really only refers to recovering the cost of acquiring loans from the banks rather than to the much higher nominal value of the loans owed by developers.

In contrast to its own plan, Nama is seeking extremely detailed business plans from its debtors and its recently published quarterly financial report contain dozens of pages of tables. Clearly, Nama's approach is to disclose as little as possible about future prospects and intentions but endless detail after the horse has bolted. This resembles the "everything is fine" strategies of the banks that it is meant to be rescuing.

Letter published in the Sunday Business Post on 11th July 2010.  For a more detailed assessment of Nama's plan, see Nama's New Business Plan

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