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Nama's Website

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If you open the home page for Nama and view its source (via View, Source with IE), you should see (near the top) that its meta tag for keywords contains the following:

" ireland, treasury, debt management, bonds, exchequer,
          europe, euro, EU, credit, economic, commercial paper,
          notes, exchange, programme, national, agency, dealing,
          primary, market, short-term, long-tern, currency, sovereign,
          asset,saving certs, saving bank, instalment saving, prize bonds,
          post office saving bank, group saving schemes, fexco, an post, tax, savings"

The keywords towards the end raise some interesting questions! Is Nama going start a savings bank, take over Fexco and An Post etc.?  It would appear that Nama is not simply content with using taxpayers' money to bail out builders and banks, it also wants our leftover savings.

You couldn't make it up!

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I looked at the same info for the NTMA website which has been around a lot longer. It looks like they just copied the keywords directly from the NTMA website for convenience (savings would be relevant there because of State Savings products etc). Sorry to spoil your conspiracy theory.

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