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Nama is Bailout for Builders

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The headline on page one of last week's Markets stated "€5.5 billion-worth of mortgages now in arrears". This doesn't include the many thousands of mortgage holders with restructured loans or the hundreds of thousands being locked into negative equity amounting to €10-15 billion. Page two of Markets indicates that the Minister for Justice has ruled out a so-called 'Nama for the people' on the grounds that lenders or taxpayers must take the pain if borrowers do not replay their debts.

Contrast this with the treatment of developers and banks. Taxpayers, including those in negative equity, are being forced to assume at least €40 billion of additional debt to pay for their bad loans and decisions. And in a classic case of pass the parcel, Nama will shortly start writing off, effectively forgiving, about €20 billion of developers' debts due their inability to pay. And this takes no account of the massive write-offs directly incurred by the banks.

Where the justice in this when developers can also avail of tax breaks and losses, legal loopholes, ring-fencing, limited liability and expensive advice to duck their debts?

Letter published in the Sunday Business Post on 30th May 2010.

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