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What is Nama ?

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Ireland's Nama (National Asset Management Agency) is not unique. It is also:

  • An African ethnic group of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
  • Means "baby names" in the Java language.
  • Old English and Sanskrit for "name".
  • A military camp in Baghdad, Iraq, standing for "Nasty Ass Military Area".
  • Nama demissum is a genus of plants in the family Hydrophyllaceae.
  • An adjective meaning raw (food) or draught (beer) in Japanese.
  • A national language in Namibia.
  • A hero in Altaic folklore who built an ark to save his family from a flood.
  • A verb meaning "to be flexible" in Swahili.
  • A wine used in Greek Orthodox Churches in Holy Communion.
  • A common greeting or salutation in the Indian subcontinent.
  • A collective name for the four mental groups in Buddhism.
  • A pronoun in Croatian.
  • Nama shoyu is a raw, organic, and unpasteurized soy sauce.
  • The meditation, vocal singing of hymns from the sacred scriptures of the Sikhs.
  • Shah nama is an epic poem written by Firdawsi which recounts the early history of Persia.

And the world is full of Namas! Here is a (partial) list of other organisations that use Nama as an acronym:

      1. Nashville American Marketing Association
      2. National Academy of Modern Accountants
      3. National Agri-Marketing Association
      4. National Air-Monitoring Audit
      5. National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery
      6. National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
      7. National Anger Management Association
      8. National Association of Mapua Alumni
      9. National Association of Master Appraisers
      10. National Association of Mathematics Advisers
      11. National Automatic Merchandising Association
      12. National Automatic Merchants Association
      13. National Ayurvedic Medical Association
      14. National Mall, Washington
      15. National Merit Awards - Zimbabwe
      16. Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action - Bali Action Plan
      17. Native American Music Awards
      18. New Amsterdam Musical Association
      19. Newsletter and Magazine for Alumni - Aga Khan University
      20. Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
      21. Nigerian Automotive Media Awards
      22. Node Activation Multiple Access
      23. Non-Agricultural Market Access - WTO
      24. North American Mailing Associates
      25. North American Manipur Association
      26. North American Manx Association
      27. North American Metabolic Academy
      28. North American MICR Association
      29. North American Millers' Association
      30. North American Mobile Association
      31. North American Modeling Association
      32. North American Mushroom Association
      33. North American Mycological Association
      34. Northalsted Area Merchants Association
      35. Northwest Airlines Meteorologist Association
      36. Northwest Arkansas Music Awards
      37. Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

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