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Paying for the Boom

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By my reckoning, house builders and landowners made exceptional profits of about €37 billion over the ten years to 2006 as a consequence of inflated house prices. This excludes windfall profits for commercial property and those made by financial institutions, who lent far more than strictly necessary, and other beneficiaries such as brokers, insurance companies, solicitors and auctioneers. Although the Exchequer gained from additional stamp duty and VAT, it also provided tax breaks which were largely unneeded and merely boosted profits.

Having made huge gains and plunged hundreds of thousands of home owners into negative equity, surely it is only fair to look for some payback from the boom's main beneficiaries. Given that the country is confronting a deficit of €20 billion, what would be morally wrong with introducing a special tax to claw back these excessive profits instead of raising taxes, cutting public services and social welfare, and increasing exchequer borrowing?

Letter published in the Sunday Business Post on 29th November 2009.

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