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Nama - TDs and Senators

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The following message was sent to all TDs and Senators on 28th August 2009. It was acknowledged by about forty recipents who mainly supplied canned responses with attachments about party policies.

I'm very concerned about the Government's approach to resolving the banking crisis and wish to make the following points to you as a public representative in the hope that you can influence or lobby the Government:

  1. As the economy moves through an unprecedented recession, all possible measure should taken to ensure that credit is readily available for viable projects and credit-worthy borrowers. It is impossible to see how this can be done by a lame-duck banking system which is being pulled in several directions - to lend more, protect shareholder value, ration credit to improve ratios, hoard resources to cover bad debts, and make guarantee and recapitalisation payments to the state. 

  2. While the Minister for Finance views bank nationalisation as the "last resort", he must also appreciate that the main banks continue to operate thanks to the State's guarantees for €400 billion, its €7 billion preference share investment, its plan to purchase €90 billion of their loans and, if needs be, to take equity stakes.

  3. Nama is a huge gamble which exposes taxpayers to a multi-billion euro hit if prices paid for the loans prove to be too high. In these circumstances, the banks would emerge unscathed and their shareholders would make massive gains as the economy recovers. If you think that this couldn't happen, recall that an insurance levy paid for many years to bail out AIB after its ill-fated takeover of ICI. Note: This was incorrect - the levy related to the failure of PMPA.

  4. As the Government has a responsibility to protect the banking system and taxpayers ahead of banking institutions or bankers, it is very hard to understand why it doesn't simply "bite the bullet" and temporarily nationalise the main banks as a central element of Nama's rescue mission. Given that it holds the whip hand, the Government could cut deals with bank stakeholders to ensure that gains and pains are shared more fairly.

Thank you for reading this.

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