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Guarantees for Banks

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The value of the proposed bale out in the US is equivalent to US$2,000 per US citizen. The Irish bale out could be worth up to €125,000 per man, woman and child. If US citizens won't accept their bale out, why should we accept something a hundred times larger?

The Government's action is nothing more or less than a huge reward, underwritten by taxpayers, to banks for foolish lending, to the Regulator for failing to regulate, and to its beloved construction industry.

It does absolutely nothing to address the underling problems which the banks, government and construction industry jointly created over the last five years by building, selling and financing grossly over-priced houses and commercial property.

This is the AIB and ICI rescue repeating itself. Where are the restrictions on bankers remuneration? Where are the equity stakes? Why should Irish taxpayers guarantee to bale out a bank that stupidly financed an overpriced property development in Dublin, London or Germany or made billions by conspiring with house builders to lock hundreds of thousands of young purchasers in huge mortgages for the rest of their working lives?

Irish households are amongst the most heavily borrowed in the world and, instead of helping them, the Government gives guarantees worth a multiple of the Irish economy's annual output to the Irish banks.  This, on top of the hammering that households can expect in the forthcoming budget.

Lead letter published in the Irish Times on 1st October 2008.

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