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Restoring Confidence in Politics

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One of the most troubling things about the Taoiseach's resignation has been the headlines in the international media which used words like resignation, scandal, payments, allegations in various combinations. This damage to our reputation must be urgently addressed by the incoming Taoiseach along the following lines:

  1. Take the long overdue Ethics Bill in the current Dail session.
  2. Introduce legislation to protect all whistle blowers in lieu of the current patchwork sectoral approach.
  3. Roll back changes and charges relating to Freedom of Information and broaden its coverage.
  4. Give more powers to Dail committees to conduct investigations along the lines of the Public Accounts Committee.
  5. Establish a Dail Committee to confirm all significant Government appointments to State boards etc.
  6. Preclude Ministers from signing non-essential orders or making appointments once an election has been called.
  7. Clear up all the obvious flaws governing donations to politicians before and during elections.
  8. Follow up on the Standards in Public Office Commission's recommendations.
  9. Require that the accounts of political parties be audited and placed in the public domain.

These measures would kick start the process of restoring the electorate's confidence in the political system and politicians.

Letter published in the Irish Times on 5th April 2008. 

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