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Privatisation of Hospitals

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Following Susan Mitchells' article (11th June) about plans for eleven co-located private hospitals, it is clear, but not surprising, that the Government has learnt nothing from the ongoing decentalisation debacle. While decentalisation could be disruptive to thousands of public servants and families and to the operation of relocated departments, the roll-out of these private hospitals is potentially far more serious.

At a time when inequitable property tax breaks are being closed off, a new break for hospitals is being ramped up. This will result in the State losing taxes equivalent to 48% of the cost of developments. In addition, it will have to give away prime sites, be obliged to pay full commercial fees to use the facilities and have no ownership or managerial rights notwithstanding having contributed almost half the total capital cost. How can this be remotely described as either progress or value for money? It is patently clear that co-locating private and public hospitals is like trying to mix oil and water. It will give rise to fragmentation, duplication and staffing and operational problems on a huge scale and, most critically, drive an even deeper wedge into our inequitable health service.

Based on your report, many key bodies have reservations or are outrightly opposed to the proposals and the only people in favour seem to be the Tanaiste, consultants, builders and investors.  As the proposals seem to driven by ideology and profit and are being pursued without any popular mandate or genuine debate, the major political parties should pledge to unwind them and the Dail should ensure that no binding commitments are entered into ahead of the next election and a comprehensive review. If, in the meantime, the Minister and HSE have the luxury of surplus resources and energy to pursue these risky and unproven ideas, they should be immediately redeployed to provide more public hospital beds, improve services and develop a more unified health service.

Letter published in the Sunday Business Post on 19th June 2006.

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