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The Government's plan for decentralisation is clearly unplanned, unwanted and unneeded and should be exposed for what it really is, namely, a short-sighted, self-serving, vote-getting stroke. It is comparable with the discredited Punchestown 'investment' except that it is on an infinitely larger scale involving hundreds of millions instead of just €15m and is backed by the entire Cabinet rather than just two ministers.

While a small number of people may benefit - most obviously the TD's in the targeted locations - the resultant fragmentation, dislocation and disruption of (so-called) central government runs contrary to the national interest. Notwithstanding this, premises are being sourced and commitments made using tax-payers money. I assume that the intention is to spend as much as possible in order to create a fait accompli notwithstanding that this tactic failed spectacularly in the case of the e-voting debacle.

Letter published in the Sunday Business Post on 25th July 2004.

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