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Face Reality

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Things have reached a stage that we as a nation need to take stock and start facing some home truths about our State, its management and direction:

  • We have a booming economy for which everyone takes credit for but which is based largely on inappropriate cheap credit rates ordained from outside the State.
  • We have completely inadequate services in health, law and order and for the disadvantaged and deprived but unending promises of improvement that are rarely delivered.
  • We have a strong foreign industry base thanks to transfer pricing, generous tax rates and light regulation but stagnating indigenous industry due to escalating costs and lack of development.
  • We have a service sector that is manifestly over-pricing in many areas which blames everyone but its own greed for causing the high prices.
  • We have a Government  that is unwilling to raise taxes to improve services but very willing to give tax breaks to wealthy tax payers and impose stealth taxes.
  • We have a public sector that accepts politically-inspired benchmarking awards but offers little in return other than interest in further similar awards.
  • We have an administration that expends enormous sums on capital projects but is incapable of managing them on budget and time without selling major rights to private interests.
  • We have a national pension fund which sucks up 1% of national wealth every year to invest throughout the world but is unwilling to make any significant investments in Ireland.
  • We have a political philosophy which seeks to impose greater use of our historic language in Ireland and the EU but fails to adequately protect our heritage, constitution and nationhood.
  • We have a Cabinet that is unable to make timely decisions on key issues - airport terminal, health service reform, housing, traffic and social equality - but very fast to decide on unimportant matters like post codes, decentralisation and e-voting.
  • We have politicians who transfer hundreds of millions of tax receipts to lawyers to probe corruption and wrongdoing but who are unable to accept their responsibilities and often pay scant regard to the truth and ethics.
  • We have a legislature which generates noise and spin but operates for less than half the year and, even then, is very poorly attended and regularly ignored by its proponents.
  • We have an "establishment" which pursues a liberal economic agenda but fails to appreciate that the economy is only one element of a strong, satisfied State.

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