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Televise the Tribunals

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I observed two of the tribunals in operation before their Summer breaks and was I was shocked at the behavior by some parties and by the difficulties experienced by the tribunals in getting simple answers to simple questions.

As we move into the tribunal season, I suggest that all public tribunals should  consider broadcasting their proceedings live on TV, radio or the Internet. The cost of this will be more than offset by resultant time savings. If the Internet option is used for streaming audio and or video, there would be no problems about dislocating other programming or frequencies.

I'm sure that televising the DIRT enquiry and the extensive re-enactments of the Hutton enquiry have helped greatly to concentrate minds, improve memories and speed up the information gathering. It is one thing for witnesses to "carry on" in the relative privacy of the tribunal rooms but it is an entirely different thing to do so if (hundreds of) thousands of people are listening or watching.

I'm sure that this measure would be very popular based the interest shown in the Flood Tribunal's interim report. Given that the tribunals are being funded by the taxpayer, their broadcasting, for informational or entertainment purposes, might offer us a partial return on this investment.

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