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TDs and Benchmarking

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Now that the Dail has resumed sittings, let us have some real performance improvements from the Dail and politicians to justify benchmarking. Some suggestions in no particular order of importance:

1. No double jobbing as TDs are paid to do full-time jobs. Earnings from nixers and consultancy work should be used to reduce Dail salaries.
2. The Dail's annual holidays should be only 4-6 weeks. Normal office hours should apply from Monday to Thursday with Fridays reserved for constituency work and clinics.
3. The number of TDs should be rationalised - one TD per constituency is adequate.
4. All expenses and allowances paid to TDs should be accounted for in the same way as applies to the self-employed.
5. TDs should have the same tax allowances as all other workers or self-employed persons. Tax certificates should be supplied before taking a seat in Dail and every year thereafter. No cert, no seat.
6. Official transport should only be used for official business. Unofficial or party use should be reimbursed to the State.
7. TDs should have the same pension entitlements as most working people and should be eligible for redundancy payments when they lose their seats.
8. The productivity of TDs should be tracked by the quarterly publication of their attendances and speaking records in the Dail and at committees.
9. The Dail's effectiveness should be monitored in terms of sitting days, bills proposed & passed and output of committees.
10. Backbenchers should have greater flexibility in respect of Dail contributions and votes. Free votes should become the norm rather than the exception.
11. If backbenchers cannot become more active and productive in the Dail, their hours of work and pay should be scaled back.
12. There should be greater public accountability of TDs' performances via annual public meetings with constituents.
13. To ensure that TDs have real mandates, elections should be rerun if fewer than 50% of the electorate in their constituencies cast votes.

In return for these implementing changes, the salaries of the remaining TDs should be substantially increased to reflect their enhanced roles. As is often said, change and good example must start at the top!

Lead letter published in the Irish Times on 2nd October 2003. It was also read out on RTE's Morning Ireland and discussed with Joe Duffy on RTE's Liveline.

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