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Public Sector Productivity

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Your correspondent Ms X (16th September) suggests that the jury is still out on the matter of productivity and benchmarking. She describes, as an example, a commendable action to be taken by the CSO to assess the usefulness of statistical data held in Government Departments. To my thinking, this merely represents "good management" or "normal progress" and should be done without any reference to benchmarking. It is not related to labour productivity unless performed by existing staff in addition to their existing tasks.  In the private sector, productivity means higher output for the same input or maintained output from reduced input.

It is extraordinary that the private sector acquiesced so readily to benchmarking given that at least one month's income tax paid by private sector workers will, for every year henceforth, be used to fund benchmarking.

As the justifications for benchmarking awards are, inexplicitly, a State secret and economic conditions have, in any event, rendered them obsolete, we cannot afford any more fudge and we must insist that the same definition of productivity be used by the private and public sectors. Genuine productivity increases should be rewarded.

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