Plan Write for Sales
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Plan Write for Sales can be used to develop and develop and document your sales strategies and tactics. It is the best tool to develop your sales strategies and tactics:

  • a unique, easy to understand user interface
  • 'expert system rules' that help you to evaluate your sales strategy
  • in-depth analyses to help you leverage strengths and compensate for weaknesses
  • a dialog that leads you through the planning and documentation process
  • an integrated tool set for entering text & numbers, creating graphics, & tracking milestones, organizing the plan and printing
  • context sensitive, on-line help.

Planning Process

The planning and documentation process is divided into seven parts:

  1. Interview that customizes your sales plan to your unique business
  2. Sales Strategy that describes your mission, assumptions and strategies
  3. Tactics to describe your method of implementing your strategy, including sales costs and forecasts
  4. Charts to graphically portray key aspects of your plan
  5. Milestones for tracking and measuring progress towards the plan objectives
  6. Plan Audit to ensure that your plan is complete and free of errors
  7. View the complete Sales plan to be organized, edited and printed.
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