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Your work with the Advisor will have set the stage for the documentation of your marketing plan.

The Advisor will have helped you to:

  • Understand where to focus your energies.
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Obtain the proper product positioning.
  • Identify potential changes in product content or positiong.

The Advisor results are referenced in the appropriate places throughout the plan. You will be reminded to re-visit these conclusions as you document your plan.

Next, PWHT will guide you to Document your Strategy and Develop Detailed Tactical Plans.

It offers a structured process for you to follow and, at every stage, it offers knowledge specific to the software and high technology industries. The following areas are covered in detail:

Strategic Product Marketing

Market Description
Positioning Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Product Naming Strategy

Tactical Product Marketing

Channel Distribution
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
Direct Marketing
Internet and Electronic Marketing
Trade Shows

Sales Projections

Expense Projections

Each area is complete with templates, explanations, examples, checklists, and budget estimates.

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