Plan Write Expert Business Planner
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Review Your Strategy

The Expert Business Planner makes observations about your business. Each factor is scored and weighted. You can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy.

Tracing to the Roots
Each observation made by the Expert Business Planner is supported by a list of all factors considered in the analysis. Every claim can be traced to its underlying assumptions. You can easily see how each answer you gave in describing your strategy influences the potential for success.

Charts to Guide your Strategy
As you will have seen, the Plan Write Expert Business Planner generates 35 charts to help you adapt your strategy to your competitive environment. These charts can be added to your business plan to support and document your strategy for success.

Having reviewed your strategies, you can now proceed to write your business plan.


List of Charts Generated by Plan Write Expert Business Planner
Industry Attractiveness
Competitive Advantage
Position Evaluation Graph
Price / Quality Matrix
GE Business Screen
Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Risk Matrix
Environmental Factors
Number and Size of Advantages
Market Forces
Product / Market Profitability
Capability and Propensity to Attack
Competitor Capabilities and Response
Portfolio Summary Matrix
Generic Strategies
Offering / Market Evolution Portfolio Matrix
Offering / Market Strategy
Directional Policy Matrix
Business Risk Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Offering Life Cycle / Customer's Loyalty
Tendency to Buy
Consumer Decision-making
Industrial Decision-making
Segmentation Matrix
Margin / Return Model
Offering and Market Change
Market Growth / Development Activity
Types of Product / Service
Price Sensitivity / Perceived Differences
Offering Life Cycle and Price
Retail Pricing
Pricing Strategy
The Brand / Commodity Matrix
Offering Life Cycle and Promotion
Use of Advertising and Personal Selling
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