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  You can upgrade electronically by phone,
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  fax, post, e-mail or WWW (see bottom).    
  The cost of upgrading the shareware version of Exl-Plan and (optional) 125-page bound manual is as follows:    
      License for one copy of Exl-Plan Super: US$ 169    
      One copy of manual (optional): US$ 20    
  Code Number:   exlsus25 Please Update Code !
    NOTE: The Code Number can be used to remotely upgrade this copy of Exl-Plan. As a result, you can immediately enter    
    meaningful assumptions into this copy which you will be able to upgrade to the fully-operational version. This will save    
    time and will eliminate the need to re-entry assumptions as well as further downloading and installation. Once payment    
    has been cleared (normally within 24 hours), an Unlock Code will be sent to the user,  usually by the same route    
    (post, fax, phone or e-mail) as was used to seek the upgrade.    
  VAT Number:               Leave blank if located outside European Union (EU)    
       If based in Ireland, VAT (Value Added Tax) at 21% will be added to the total below. If located in another EU State, VAT will also    
       be added unless a bona fide VAT number is indicated above for the business. If located outside the EU, no VAT applies.    
  Tel No:           Fax No.:            
    Day-time telephone number essential    
  E-mail address:              << Double check your address !!!    
  Payment accepted by credit card, International Money Order, or bank draft (US$).     
  Drafts etc. should be made payable to "Invest-Tech Limited". We reserve the right to delay despatch until payment    
  has been cleared. Note: The manual is optional but will not be supplied without an upgrade.    
    Copies US$    
  Cost of upgrade(s) 1 169.00    
  Cost of manual(s) - optional 1 20.00    
  Total (Press F9 to update) Press F9 to update 189.00    + VAT (if applicable - see note above)    
  IMO or draft enclosed for: US$        
  Payment by credit card (mark a box): Visa     Mastercard          Access      
  Credit card number:            
  Expiry: Month   Year     Enter year as 200x    
  Signature of card holder: X                 Essential if ordering by mail or fax.    
  Name of card holder:                
  Address of card holder (if different from address indicated above):    
  From what source did you acquire this shareware copy of Exl-Plan:    
  Any special delivery requirements or comments about Exl-Plan:    
  Please double check all your details.  Thank you for the order. Please return this completed form to:    
        Invest-Tech Limited, 27 Ardmeen Park, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland    
        Tel: +353-1-283 4083    Fax: +353-1-278 2391      
        E-mail:     (Complete form, use button above to copy it to clipboard and then paste into message)    
        Web:   (Extensive on-line and alternative ordering facilities available)