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  Excellence in Planning    
          EXL-PLAN Super      
      Fully-integrated 1-3-5 Year Financial Planner for Substantial Businesses  
      US/Canadian Edition - UK/International Edition is also available  
        Exl-Plan is covered by copyright. Upgraded/registered and commercial versions must not be copied or supplied to unlicensed users - see license for details.    
        Exl-Plan has been supplied on an 'as is' basis and Invest-Tech accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any defects, errors or losses arising from its usage.    
      License Details
                  Copyright Invest-Tech Limited 2000-2004      
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Quarterly Output
Annual Output Textual Report Sensitivity Analysis
    For help with preparing a business plan, refer to FREEPLAN.DOC & PLAN.HTM.  
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