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  Quik-Plan Assumptions Report  
   Year in which to start projections 2003  Enter as 4 digits - like 200X.  
   Month for start of the projections 7  Enter month number - between 1 and 12.  
   Format of accounts/terminology etc. 1  Enter either "1" for US/Canadian or "2" for UK/International. (Omit " " quote marks).  
   Currency unit 000  Enter "000 (thousands - note the " before 000), Mln (millions) or Bn (billions).  
   Currency symbol US$  Enter up to 3 characters as a label & then press F9 to update the units below.  
  Assumptions for Year  
   Variables Values    Units (Press F9 to Update)           Guidance  
   Average monthly sales 420.0  US$000s  Enter sales value net of all sales taxes and discounts.  
   Desired finished goods inventory 90.0  % of sales  Express as % average monthly sales. Set to zero for a distribution  
            or service business.  
   Cost of materials/goods 41.0  As % sales  } Set to zero for a labor-only service business. These can refer to  
   Target inventory of materials and/or 195.0  US$000s  } purchases/inventory for resale if a distribution business.  
      goods for resale        
   Average monthly direct costs  110.0  US$000s  May be zero in case of a distribution business.  
   Average monthly overheads 100.0  US$000s  Exclude depreciation & interest.  
   Revenue grants/subsidies for year 50.0  US$000s  Refers to repayable operating grants, subsidies or similar.  
   Opening total cost of fixed assets 1,300.0  US$000s  Use cost at the start date of projections, not the depreciated value.  
   Accumulated opening depreciation 350.0  US$000s  Use total value at the start date of projections.  
   Average depreciation rate 8.0  % p.a.  Use estimated weighted-average rate to cover all fixed assets.  
   Planned capital expenditure for year 175.0  US$000s    
   Interest rate for cash balances 6.0  % p.a.  Use approximate weighted-average rate.  
   Interest rate for all debt/notes 12.0  % p.a.  Use approximate weighted-average rate.  
   Opening cash balance (deficit) (100.0)  US$000s  If deficit (e.g. short-term loan or line of credit), enter minus value.  
   Opening longterm debt/notes 450.0  US$000s  Combine all long-term debt/loans/notes etc. and enter as positive value.  
   Net change in longterm debt/notes in yr 125.0  US$000s  Use + for a net increase and - for a net reduction during the year.  
   Opening accounts receivable 700.0  US$000s  As at start date of projections. Exclude expected bad debts.  
   Opening accounts payable 500.0  US$000s  As at start date of projections. Include any other planned payments.  
   Average credit given on sales 61  Days sales  Use estimate which takes any cash sales into account.  
   Average credit taken for materials/goods 46  Days sales  Estimate should take account of any suppliers which give no credit.  
   Expected federal/state tax rate 35.0  %  Use the effective, rather than standard, tax rate.  
   Planned dividend payments for year 50.0  US$000s  Include dividends from earlier periods to be paid during year.  
   Proceeds of new stock issues 100.0  US$000s  Specify proceeds net of all fund-raising costs.