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Privatisation of Hospitals

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It is patently clear that co-locating private and public hospitals is like trying to mix oil and water. It will give rise to fragmentation, duplication and staffing and operational problems on a massive scale and, most critically, it will drive an even deeper wedge into our inequitable health service. The major political parties should pledge to unwind them and the Dail must ensure that no binding commitments are entered into ahead of the next election and a comprehensive review. Failing that, politicians should give notice that they will progressively introduce terms and conditions that make this "mad cap" scheme unprofitable to the developers.

Instead, what should be done is to retain these "hospital loving" developers to design and build units with step down beds on the proposed sites to be managed by the public hospital. This could be started next spring and done within two years.  Simple !

Broadcast on RTE's Today with Pat Kenny on 21st December 2006.

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