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Benchmarking Data

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The CSO's recently published National Employment Survey found that average public sector pay was 40% ahead of private sector pay back in 2003. As this survey was completed before benchmarking increases averaging 9% started to take effect, the implication is that average pay could now be about 50% higher for the public sector than for private sector. This is on top of secure employment and underfunded, earnings-related pensions.

The survey findings, even after taking account of undoubted differences in education and experience, undermine the first benchmarking exercise which, based on unpublished studies, has already resulted in mutli-billion euro handouts to the public sector.  Will the second benchmarking exercise roll back these unjustified pay increases and restore equity between the public and private sectors or will it just further widen the gap?

Letter published in the Sunday Business Post on 4th June 2006.

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